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Can you go home again?

February 6th, 2008 No comments

In conjunction with the Ackland Museum’s Picturing the World: Carolina’s Celebrated Photojournalists exhibit, one of the featured photographers, Janet Jarman, gave a talk covering her series of photographs “Crossing: Tale of the Rich North,” for which she followed the life of a single family for more than a decade. Janet was one of classmates and peers at UNC, so I wanted to listen to her speak, and catch up afterwards.

Despite living in Durham, I don’t seem to get back to UNC as often as I could (or should). Suzanne, on the other hand, spends too much time there, and it’s not the place she wants to be when she doesn’t need to be. Tonight she made an exception, and so i picked her up from the Health Sciences campus, and headed up north to the Journalism School. With the UNC (#3) vs. Duke (#2) game set to start in a few hours, the town and campus was full of Carolina blue clad fans milling about in the light drizzle, as well as some Dookies (try not to hate them), making a surreal homecoming of sorts. Read more…

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