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Media Management Made Easy

Suzanne and I picked up a few new DVDs over the holidays, and I finally got around to updating our Listal account. For those not familiar with the website, Listal is a (free) social network centered around the media in your life: Movies, Books, Music, Games, and TV. Listal provides an easy way to catalog all of your media (DVDs, CDs, Books, and Games), as well as rate TV shows and Movies, even if you don’t own copies.
Screen capture of Listal

While we don’t take advantage of the website’s social aspects, it is a great tool ror cataloging and keeping track of stuff. It is also great for sharing the items in your collection with others. It was a great help when Suzanne’s Dad visited in December—we were able to hand him a PowerBook to check out the DVDs we had, rather than force him to crawl around the living room, checking out what was on the bottom shelves.

If you have a Listal account, send us an invitation.
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