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More Ghost Recon

January 13th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

The consensus was we didn’t get enough Ghost Recon on New Year’s Day, so we scheduled another gaming session (this time David, Paul, Shea, and Clint). It seems it’s not just us—even though Ghost Recon was released in 2001, people are still playing online, running tournaments, and even developing new mods. The latest, and possible one of the best out there, CENTCOM, was released only last month.

Set in the Central command area of responsibility, CENTCOM is a full Ghost Recon expansion pack with 12 new missions, each with an exclusive fan made map and command map. CENTCOM missions take place in the combat theaters of the current war on terrorism (OIF/OEF) with real-world-mission-objectives and realistic kit load outs. CENTCOM incorporates all aspects of real-world-mission-objectives into the mission campaign, including stealth, convoy hits, personnel elimination, search and destroy, and firefights.

CENTCOM also includes a new MP game type: seize, which is sort of defend in reverse. Once we ran through seize on the new maps, we tried it on some old favorites, like Embassy (see below).

Ghost Recon: Target-rich environment Ghost Recon: Heavy 6 engages targets Ghost Recon: Two hits with controlled burst Ghost Recon: Two targets fall Ghost Recon: New target engaged Ghost Recon: Additional targets appear Ghost Recon: Target hit center mass Ghost Recon: Next victim

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