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Keep it safe on the ice

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Keep it safe in the snow and ice this winter. Around here, it doesn’t seem to take much to start a cascade of crashes on local roads. I don’t remember it being like this in New York, where I grew up, but then again, the patchwork or pothole repairs probably provided some traction. I also don’t recall the freezing rain–it was just cold, and you either had snow, or you didn’t.

The News and Observer ran an article today with a list of roadways that tend to be particularly dangerous when there’s snow or ice, as reported by local law enforcement agencies. Follows are the areas we tend to travel in.

State Highway Patrol

All highways, 1st Sgt. Steve Greene says. “It’s the speed,” he says. “They’re going too fast for conditions.” If you must go out today, “just slow down,” Greene says.

Raleigh Police

  • Duraleigh Road (steep grades on each side of a creek)
  • Durant Road near Capital Boulevard (curve that drivers often take too fast)
  • Avent Ferry Road
  • Curves and hills on Wade Avenue
  • Curves and hills on Falls of the Neuse where it crosses Neuse River

Chapel Hill Polce

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near the police station and Hillsborough Street
  • East Franklin Street from Roosevelt Drive to Estes Drive
  • U.S. 15-501 between Oteys Road (behind Dean Smith Center) and Manning Drive

Carrboro Police

  • South Greensboro Street (big hill just north of N.C. 54 overpass)

Durham Police

  • Overpass entrance ramps to U.S 15-501 from Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard and to Durham Freeway at 15-501 (in addition to major highways and bridges)
  • Hills on Roxboro and Mangum streets

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