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Sushi at Sakana

Gizzard ShadIt was raining this afternoon in San Francisco, so Suzanne and I didn’t want to venture too far on foot from the hotel for lunch. After a false start to a restaurant that was only open for dinner, we went to our backup — Sakana at 639 Post St (Cross Street: Taylor).

While we usually don’t go for sushi while traveling, we thought San Francisco would be the exception, with the proximity to fresh fish, and local Japanese presence, and we did not find ourselves disappointed. We don’t consider ourselves to be experts by any means, this was among some of the best we have had, ostensibly due to the quality of the ingredients available. During our meal, we saw the owner carry in bags of fresh fish on ice, undoubtedly from the local fish market.

Suzanne ordered a lunch special of salmon, and spicy tuna maki, which was very good, but paled compared to the a-la-carte nigiri we sampled: Aji (Horse mackerel), Hamachi (Yellow tail), and Kohada (Gizzard Shad). The flavors of the mackerel and yellow tail were far subtler than I had ever tasted, and the Gizzard Shad was completely new to us. Related to herring and mackerel, it was reminiscent of sardine, but with a more subtle and complex flavor.

The meal, including a large lettuce salad (which we split) set us back about $35, including tip.

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