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Reconnecting with Family

In addition to my Uncle Joel and Aunt Linda (my mother’s brother), some of my Father’s family also lives in the bay area. My second cousin Lew (my great aunt Regina’s grandson) moved to Marin County this month, and sent me his contact info while we in San Francisco this week. We connected this morning, and arranged to meet after our tour of Napa Valley today.

Since Lew was still unpacking the 500 boxes he moved from Houston, we met at his niece (my second cousin once removed), Alissa’s home in San Rafael, where we met her family, including her three sons. My Father’s family seems to breed slowly, so our generations don’t match up with the rest of the family (Lew is about twenty years older than I am, while his niece is only a few years older than I am).

We had a terrific family reunion, including reminiscing about childhood times in the old Victorian houses in Seagate, Brooklyn. Very entertaining was Lew and Joel comparing their times at Columbia University, as they graduated only a few years apart, and Suzanne and Lew contrasting their times living in Texas.

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