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The Winds Cafe

December 18th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Family obligations bring us to central Ohio every year or two, and this time finds us in Yellow Springs for a Chasens family reunion of sorts. Yellow Springs is a small, progressive town, though progressive is probably an understatement, as Yellow Springs makes Carrboro look conservative. The town is probably best known for Antioch College, and famous resident Dave Chapelle. Suzanne, her brother Isaac, and I have a new favorite game, spot Dave Chapelle when we are downtown (I won yesterday with two sightings).

When in Yellow Springs, probably the nicest faire can be found at the Winds Cafe. To celebrate Suzanne’s grandmother’s ninetieth birthday, we took everyone out for a nice meal at this town landmark.

The food was nice and simple, accompanied by artisinal bread, and fresh olives. Entries (with salad) range from around $20-$30. A good bet if you can arrive early is a three course Prix Fixe menu for $20, served 5pm-6pm Tuesday through Friday.

I started with the Slow Boat to Sicily salad of romaine hearts with olives, mint leaves and cherry tomatoes, drizzled with lemon Gorgonzola dressing and fried onion strands. The main was salmon topped with a herb relish of parsley, mint, basil and lemon, accompanied by fresh string beans, and wild rice. Desert was an excellent chocolate mouse.

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