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How is this going to work?

We are still organizing photos and text from our trip to post to the website. Don’t worry, they aren’t stuck in a Series of Tubes, we are just being poky. Once we get them up, we are going to post the stories and photos dated to when they happened, so you will have to scroll down a few posts to see them. A little counterintuitive, but will allow us to treat the posts as a travelogue—just imagine you are reading them as they happen.

I am also using Flickr to host the photos, so if you click on one, you will jump to the Flickr website, and the option to see a larger version (look for the tiny magnifying glass above the photo), as well as the rest of the photos. Look for a “Read More” link below the photo when reading posts on the home page of the Dust Rhino website, which is easy to miss—this leads to the rest of the post, which may have additional photos.

Please feel free to comment on this website, as well as in Flickr. We seem to get a bunch of traffic from around the world, and am curious to hear from all of our fans.

Suzanne on the battlements [4020]

The Citadel of Jerusalem [3896]

Market of the Cotton Workers [3600]

Carmel Market [2960]

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  1. Melanie
    March 23rd, 2008 at 18:39 | #1

    Fantastic images! Feels like I’m there again (wish I were…)

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