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dust bunny
n. Informal
A mass of fine, dry particles of matter, especially hair and dust, that is formed by static electricity.

dust rhino
n. Informal
A large, aggressive dust bunny. Something not to trifled with.

n. Informal
The personal musings of David Minton and Suzanne Kurtzer Minton. The name of the site was inspired by a Gary Larson cartoon.

David Minton
n. Uptight
When not recovering from his not so recent wedding to Suzanne, watching DVDs, puttering around the house, playing Soccer, reading, or messing with his digital camera, he is usually being tormented by SPAM. He also thinks the World Wide Web is pretty neat, and spends time surfing as well. To further this end, he co-founded DesignHammer Media Group, LLC in 2001. DesignHammer does nifty stuff like website design, database development and website hosting. Some of David’s pet projects are search engine optimization (SEO) and web site usability.

Suzanne Kurtzer Minton
n. Casual
Suzanne is a small, fast-moving object that likes to stay in motion—be it traveling to exotic locations, latin dancing, beading funky jewelry, or running. She also really digs pharmacology, iPod & iTunes, and eating Indian food. She has been spending her days at the McCarthy lab at the UNC Department of Pharmacology studying the role of spinal cord astrocytes in chronic neuropathic pain.